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sexta-feira, 17 de janeiro de 2014

NBA case studies/ Free time section

Goodnight traders, as promised here are some case studies about NBA trading. The blog is full of tennis cases so i think other sport would add more value for now:

OKC @ DENVER - Russell Westbrook was out with an injury and when this happens OKC loses a lot of intensity and flow. They rely a lot in Durant but he is no superman. He needs to rest and his teammates to step up too. OKC was 1.7 prematch.
Looking at the Denver side you can expect one thing for sure playing at home, a lot of intensity. Ty Lawson playing great. In my opinion and based on some variables and last games efforts and play making i predicted a small advantage for the Denver side, expecting a big start from them. 
Result: The price quickly adapted to my prediction as the match progressed and with this advantage i was able do create a backup to risk a run for Denver that happened. 
Key point for this long term position: Durant was clearly tired at the third quarter and as a natural result, he started missing a lot of shots.

Free time section

Music - Spotify program,  to organize and listen to music(For ex: creating playlists;workout music, trading music) (PC/MOBILE).

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quinta-feira, 16 de janeiro de 2014

Gift for the readers (2014 version) nba trades

I will post some new case studies tonight about nba trading. Good trades and new year guys.

Tennis trading classes are available this year from 29th of January till the end of March.

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sexta-feira, 2 de agosto de 2013

Good holidays!

Hello traders,

thanks for the emails and i hope you are enjoying your holidays.

Some info about the classes:

400 € / 5 days
750 € / 10 days

Live matches / Learning classes
I will make a personal plan based on your goals.
3-5 students limit 

If you are interested and want more info email

Some feedback.

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sábado, 6 de julho de 2013

Congratulations to Bartoli

I am very happy that Bartoli won Wimbledon.
Congratulations from Babypuntz blog.
I will try to answer emails today. News for the summer coming after wimbledon.

Good trades

terça-feira, 2 de julho de 2013

Day 1 Wimbledon details

As promised to the readers:

Nadal vs Darcis

Avoided backing Darcis at low prices. A lot of people were doing this and was very very risky because the market would comeback when Nadal won the serv game. 50 ticks or more very quickly. This match demanded a lot of experience.
There was a lot of value laying darcis at some of those chances without much risk.

Mladenovic vs Sharapova

Mladenovic was doing a lot of work with her serv and i wanted to test her under pressure. So She was up 6.5 and i decided to back Sharapova here to create something like a backup for the tie break that would guarantee me that i would not lose a lot if Mladenovic did not fail under pressure.
Note: I decided my risk before the trade and exit points.

Voegele vs Cirstea

Difficult match to trade. Because Cirstea was making more winners but Voegele was more consistent.

In the end Cirstea won the most important points and she won.

Cornet vs King

Cornet was clearly the best player in the court after a while.Just had to find good positions to enter.

Errani vs Puig

Very difficult match to trade. The key here was to understand when the market starts to change the opinion about who is going to win the match, not who is playing better right now.
Puig was clearly playing better but the market would give Errani the edge. When the market starts to give the edge to Puig thats when you have to enter because there is a lot of people losing money, going crazy in Puig and you can earn a lot of ticks without risk.
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terça-feira, 25 de junho de 2013

Possible Gift to the readers - Day 1 Wimbledon - 5 comments away

I will not cover Wimbledon in this blog but i would like to explain the first day if there are at least 5 comments of different readers in this post. Just say something you want. For example how was your first day at wimbledon.

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sábado, 22 de junho de 2013

Review of the day (22/06/13) (Final day of mini series)

Halep vs Flipkens

Great match! Everything went according to my plan. I expected Halep to be much better after a great week and expected Flipkens to rely a lot on the server, and she took some time to get it going and the rain delay was perfect in my opinion.

Hampton vs Vesnina

Very very frustrating match. Hampton just lost every big battle. The match got very unpredictable at some point but vesnina showed some experience. A lot of wind.

I hope that you liked this 3 day mini series of daily reviews. More will come on the future.
Good Wimbledon.

If you have some topic that you would like me to cover just leave a comment.

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